Project Description

Mousturizing Mask with espirulina (90 min)


Known as the purest spirulina in the world, the Ecuadorian seaweed will not only provide you with essential amino acids and proteins but will keep your skin revitalized and nourished. This ritual is a facial with a hydroplastic mask that will seal the nutrients absorption into your skin.

Bambu Theraphy (95 min)


Bamboo is the Water element that  brings  a massage ancient technique, revitalizes both mentally and physically. The  bamboo massage is anti-stress, delineates and tones the body, reactivates circulation and promotes tissue regeneration.

Couple’s Wrap (90 min)


For her

From generation to generation we have used the panela for its moisturizing, exfoliating and rejuvenating properties. Alone with  the royalty of the honey and delicacy of the rose; they made a very feminine wrap, exfoliation  that will leave your skin smooth and majestic.

For him

It evokes our indigenous ancestors with their own salts from the Ecuadorian Andes. This wrap is a festival of senses that cleans, moisturizes and renews your skin, alone with a  relaxing Andean aromatherapy.

Sumpa Lovers (280 min)


The story tells that they were together, the man was holding her waist and she flexed with a hug over his head. The Water cabin was inspired by this  discover, Sumpa Lovers. Designed for couples, for her an Andean  wrap with sugar cane  and rose water and for him  an Andean salts wrap. This  ritual starts with algae facials to finish with a couple bamboo massage, in a aquatic environment, romantic, unique and in the middle of the world.

Consultations and Reservations

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