Project Description

Organic chocolate facial (90 min)


Our de arriba, fine aroma cocoa has antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber and  produces serotonin. In this organic cocoa mask ritual, typical of our Ecuadorian land, you will feel wellness and pleasure at a mental level.

Earth Massage (100 min)


In an total relaxation and wellness  experience, you will start with a wellness massage followed by a cocoa body scrub  to be removed  with hydrotherapy with Vichy shower. A delightful and unique experience in El Crater Spa.

Lodos del Pululahua Wrap (90 min)


In a journey to Pululahua volcano, we found hot springs whose mud has minerals and lots of organic substances. leaving the skin smooth and revitalized. This wrap will immerse you in the adventure of the mysterious Pululahua and its natural wonders.

Pululahua Experience (140 min)


The Pululahua, which means WATER OF CLOUD, is the second inhabited volcano in the world. The Pululahua experience, seeks consciousness and reflection. It  begins with a native  cocoa facial  and a wrap with thermal mud, to finish with  a water massage with vichy shower.

Consultations and Reservations

El Crater Spa is part of the Joyas del Ecuador project. For consultations and reservations, visit its page by clicking on the next logo:

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